Artist's Statement

Artist's Statement

Deborah Gorman



Deb is an independent visual artist working in mixed media and found materials. Her love of time worn surfaces is apparent in her paintings and Assemblages. 


A recent series of paintings, NatureNurture, is an homage to the textures, colors and energies of some of the wild places that she holds a deep and abiding love for. Her Collage series from 2010, Canyons, Creeks and Crevices: A Year Walking the East Bay Hills is in many private collections.





“To Deborah Gorman, art and life are the same. She is an extraordinary “teacher’s teacher.”   Kim Kohler, Artist, Educator, Fulbright Scholar




"At the height of the AIDS pandemic, Deborah's extensive experience in group process, mediation and grief and loss counseling facilitated her work with terminally ill patients and their families.

As an intern at Coming Home Hospice and Shanti Project in San Francisco, Deborah's use of art and poetry with her patients was a valuable tool for healing and self expression."  

Barbara Adamich, LCSW


Deborah is a practitioner of Zen Buddhism and is certified as a Faciltiator in non-violent communication and restortive justice. She facilitates workshops at Folsom Prison in California.