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Beginning a body of wor
k is like entering a vast and empty desert, sitting down on the hard ground and praying for a vison. It requires courage and trust. Courage to follow the process wherever it leads; Trust that creation will find one worthy of it's expression. 


Sometimes the process leads you into darkness. The more one gives oneself over to this darkness, the stronger one's backbone becomes. Backbone allows us to sit in the fear that inevitably arises when one seeks vision from darkness. A stong backbone  keeps us from running away. 


Fear wants us to believe that there is no light in this dark place, no burning lamp leading us to a clear vision, no fire calling us to our bliss; To transformation and wholeness. 

Fear is the stone that marks the trail.


Over time, after many visits to this wilderness of dark self, after many passes by the stone marker of fear, one finds, and begins to know, that the darkness and the light are not separate, but, rather that one gives birth to the other, and the other suckles and nourishes its source.  They are mother and child, lover and consort, goddess and demon united. On and on this dance occurs and we find that we are not separate from this experience of creation rather an integral part of its dance.